Sacred Heart Church, WimbledonWelcome to the home of music at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Wimbledon. In these pages you will also find details of music for Masses and other services, wedding arrangementschoirs, the restored organ, and concerts at the church.

Sunday Masses are at 10.00, 12.00, 5.00pm, 8.00pm.
(See Music for Masses)


David Gammie’s video recordings of this wonderful work are still available via the following links:
Prologue (Stations 1 – 3)      https://youtu.be/TRzMit6dwuw
Via Dolorosa I (Stations 4 – 6)    https://youtu.be/MEmEbLdkkZk
Via Dolorosa II (Stations 7 – 9)       https://youtu.be/dk-sNqOkyNQ
Calvary (Stations 10 – 12)                    https://youtu.be/uTVicDzcZIs
Epilogue (Stations 13 & 14)             https://youtu.be/6cqNsAXAUbo

David Gammie has uploaded an introductory talk about Dupré’s Stations of the Cross onto the ‘Sacred Heart Organ’ YouTube channel. He explains the symbolic musical themes that recur throughout the work (The Cross, Suffering, Redemption, Grief, Consolation…), and also includes excerpts from the poems of Paul Claudel’s Le Chemin de la Croix, which accompanied the first performance of Dupré’s masterpiece in 1931.Those who are interested might find it helpful to listen to the relevant part of David’s talk before each instalment (each part lasts about 5 minutes).The timing of each part of the talk can be found below the video.
This is the link:  https://youtu.be/XTGPSGD_sWs