Sunday, May 15th 2022 Easter 5

Introit: Cantate Domino Pitoni

Kyrie/Gloria: 459/460

Offertory motet: Jubilate Deo WA Mozart

Sanctus: 433

Communion hymn: 72 Be still for the presence of the Lord (Evans arr. Richard Shepard)

Post-communion hymn: 113 Christ triumphant

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Sunday, 8th May Easter 4 (Good Shepherd)

Entry hymn: 239 Hail, redeemer, King divine

Kyrie/Gloria: 459,460 (Murray)

Offertory motet: Surrexit, pastor bonus Orlando Lassus

Sanctus: 433

Communion motet: Ave verum corpus Camille Saint-Saëns

Post-communion hymn: 699 The King of love my shepherd is

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Sunday, 1st May 2022 3rd Sunday of Easter

Mass of St Ignatius Fernand Laloux

Ave Maria Louis Vierne

Tantum Ergo Fernand Laloux

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PALM SUNDAY         12.00 

Solemn entrance:       Hosanna to the son of David (Rathbone)

Processional Hymn : 17  All glory, laud  and honour

Psalm Response :     My God, my God, why have you  

                                                       forsaken me? (Milner)

Off.Motet :                   O Domine Jesu Christe (Guerrero)

Sanctus :                    Mass XVIII

Agnus Dei :                 Mass XVIII 

Comm.Motet :             Pueri Hebraeorum (Victoria)

Rec. Hymn:                  623 Ride on, ride on in majesty


Opening Hymn :                  The Glory of the Cross we sing

Gloria:                                  Lourdes 

Washing of feet                   Ubi Caritas (Gjeilo) 

Hymn:                                  God is love, and where true love is     

Off. Motet :                           O Sacrum convivium (Messiaen)

Eucharistic acclamations : Missal tones           

Comm. Motet:                      Ave verum corpus (Milani)

Comm. Hymn:                     O bread of Heaven

Procession to the Altar of

Repose:                               Pange lingua (plainchant)

Meditation:                          Miserere mei, Deus (Psalm 50 – plainchant)


Psalm 30 :          Response : Father into your hands I commend my spirit 

Acclamation :    Praise to you O Christ; King of eternal glory

Veneration :       The Reproaches (Victoria)

                           Crux Fidelis (John of Portugal)

                           Hymn : O Sacred Head, sore wounded

Comm. Motet :   Salvator mundi (Tallis)

Comm. Hymn : When I survey the wondrous cross

Hymn during the Collection for the Holy Places: My song is love unknown


Gloria :                                 Lourdes

Off. Hymn:                            Now the green blade riseth

During Sprinkling :              Vidi aquam m/s

Eucharist acclamations :    Gathering Mass (Inwood)

Comm. motet:                     Ego sum panis vivus (Esquivel) 

Comm. Hymn:                     Soul of my Saviour

Final Hymn:                         Thine be the glory

Organ:                                  Prelude & Fugue in B major (Dupré)


Music for 12 noon Solemn Latin:         

Introit:                         Christus vincit (see no. 116)

Mass setting:              Missa concertata (Casati)

Sequence:                  Victimae Paschali laudes (see no. 760)

During sprinkling:      Vidi Aquam (plainchant)

Off. Motet:                   Alleluia (Buxtehude)

Comm. Motet:             Angelus autem Domini (Anerio)

Post-communion Hymn: Jesus Christ is ris’n today (322)

Organ: Prelude and toccata on Victimae Paschali laudes (Bèdard)

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Sunday, 3rd April 2022 Lent 5

Solemn Latin Mass

Mass XVII plainchant

Miserere mei, Deus William Byrd

O bone Jesu Marc’ Antonio Ingegneri

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Sunday, 28th March 2022 Lent 4 (Laetare)

Introit: Laetare, Jerusalem

Kyrie: 459

Offertory motet: Confitebor tibi, Domine      Orlando Lassus

Sanctus: 461

Communion motet: Nolo mortem peccatoris     Thomas Morley

Post-communion hymn: 183 Forth in the peace of Christ

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Sunday, 20th March 2022 Lent 3

Entry hymn: 529 O God, thy people gather

Kyrie/Sanctus Missa Brevis GP da Palestrina

Offertory motet: Peccantem me quotidie Cristobal de Morales

Communion motet: Agnus Dei II (from Mass)

Post communion hymn: 219 God of mercy and compassion

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Sunday 13th March 2022 Lent 2

Entry hymn: 111 Christ is the world’s light

Kyrie: Orbis factor (plainsong)

Offertory: O nata lux Thomas Tallis

Sanctus: Missal tones (M4)

Communion: Panis angelicus Cèsar Franck arr Rutter

Post-communion hymn: 301 Immortal, invisible

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Sunday 6th March 2022 Lent 1

Solemn Latin:

Missa brevis in C (K,S,A) Antonio Lotti

Veritas mea George Malcolm

Ave verum William Byrd

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Sunday 27th February 2022 8th Sunday (C)

Entry hymn: 98 Breathe on me, Breath of God

Kyrie/Gloria 459/460

Offertory motet: Alleluia! I heard a voice Thomas Weelkes

Sanctus: 433

Communion motet: O sacrum convivium Giuseppe Bernabei

Post-communion hymn: 891 Christ be our light

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