The instrument was built by JW Walker & Sons Ltd in 1912 and enlarged by them in 1935 with five extra stops on the Choir, a Flauto Dolce 8′ on the Great replacing the Dulciana, and an Octave 4′ replacing the Harmonic Flute 4′. It was partially renovated in 1985 by Mander Organs, who removed the 1935 additions and completely restored by them in 2011-12. Pistons are set via original pneumatic racks inside the case. Four blowers, located in the south turret, supply the reservoirs. In 2011-12, a new Swell Vox Humana and Great Dulciana were added to return these stops from the original 1912 specification. The 1912 Swell Octave Hautboy is being removed (to retain the Dulciana 12th) but stored in case of future decisions to restore it, and the Great Octave 4′ was discarded. The action was renovated throughout and pipework cleaned and repaired but tonally, no changes were made apart from the new stops mentioned above.