Musicians’ Fees for Weddings

There are a number of possible combinations of musicians to perform at your ceremony, the most common being listed here.

All fees include an initial consultation if required. The pre-wedding rehearsal with the celebrating Priest does not usually involve the musicians. Payment can be made in cash, cheque, or bank transfer – we will agree the best option for you beforehand.

If paying on the day, please arrange for the best man to pay the musicians before the ceremony – you will all be busy with photographs after it!

Fees applicable from 1st September, 2014:

  1. Organist only                                                  £140*    
  2. Organist + one soloist                                   £270*
  3. Organist with approved guest singer         £160*
  4. Organist + choir                                             £550*
  5. Organist + choir with soloist                       £570*
  6. Organist + choir with choir director          £720*
    (when accompanied choral music is required)

*If you intending to video or record the service, please read the following notes carefully: Any professional or amateur recording of music is subject to copyright law, and must be covered by a Limited Manufacture licence. Any accredited video company will have one of these, but it is possible also to obtain a one-off licence at reasonable cost (around £20 depending on the number of copies). Please see for details and online application.

 Even with the licence, the musicians (organist, singers etc) have the right to charge extra to have their performances recorded; we follow the guidelines issued by the Incorporated Society of Musicians, the Musicians Union and other professional organisations.

Video recording (including video devices on phones, iPads, cameras etc):
An additional 100% of total fees (in effect, double the total amount)

Audio recording only (including recording devices on phones, iPads etc):
An additional 50% of total fees 

The person making the recording is responsible for obtaining the appropriate licence to record copyright material. But because the performers themselves are liable to prosecution for performing copyright material which is being recorded without a licence, we must reserve the right to refuse to play or sing  without prior arrangement and agreement to pay the extra fees. So if you wish to have the organist only, the standard fee is £140. With a video agreement, this becomes £280.
It does seem a lot, but don’t forget that our musicians have trained and practised for many years to obtain their standard of musicianship, usually at great cost too. We always ask you to compare the fees to what you are asked to pay for the other services you are receiving on the day of your wedding!