Music Fees for Weddings

As from January, 2023

Please note that music fees are paid separately to other church fees.

All fees include an initial consultation if required (the pre-wedding rehearsal with the celebrating Priest does not involve the musicians). Music fees should be settled in advance (about a month or so) and is most often done by bank transfer. Bank details will be provided on request.  Cash or cheque can also be used by arrangement.

  • Organist only                                                   £150       (with video recording: £300)   
  • Organist + one soloist                                    £290      (with video recording: £500)
  • Organist with approved visiting singer      £170       (with video recording: £310)
  • Organist + choir                                             £620       (with video recording: £1,200)
  • Organist + choir and soloist                        £640       (with video recording: £1,220)
  • Organist + choir with choir director          £780       (with video recording: £1,500)
    (usually when specialist choral music is required)

If you are separately video-recording the service*, the musicians (organist, singers etc) have the right to charge extra to have their performances recorded. We charge double the basic performance fee, and the cost is indicated in brackets above.
This is extremely unlikely, but we must reserve the right to refuse to play or sing  if a video-recording has not been declared  and you have not agreed to pay the extra fees. 

There is a permanent live-stream from the church. If you do not wish to have your ceremony live-streamed you must inform the church in advance. We do not charge extra to have the service live-streamed. It only affects the fees if you are request a recording of the live-stream, which you can arrange (with a fee) through the Parish Office. 
It does seem a lot of money, but our musicians have trained and practised for many years to obtain their standard of musicianship, usually at great cost too. We always ask you to compare the fees to what you are asked to pay for the other services you are receiving on the day of your wedding.
*All recordings of music (professional or amateur) is subject to copyright law, and should be covered by a Limited Manufacture Licence. Any professional video company will have a licence to cover all recordings.  For videos done by a relative or friend, it is possible to obtain a one-off licence at reasonable cost (around £20, depending on the amount of music). Please see for details and online application. You do not need this for a recording of the church’s live-stream, which is covered by a separate licence.